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Planting the Bio-Retention Basin (aka-Rain Garden)

It was a bit of a chilly day when a group of 14 set out to plant the native perennial plants needed to finish the Rain Garden project on the south side of the church lawn at Christ the King.

The “Bio-Retention” basin was added to our property, due to the recent upgrading of the streets and storm sewer system in Cambridge. It was a project that was proposed by, and paid for by the City of Cambridge.

All that we needed to do, was to add to the native plantings, so that their root system will naturally filter the impurities from the storm sewer and run off after a rain.

Once the plants take root and start to mature, the water that will filter through the root system and into the Rum River will be VERY pure, which will be extremely healthy for the environment.

We will still need to maintain the plants, and there will be some weeding to do, but with more volunteers we should be able to keep up with everything.

Special thanks go out to Mike Evenocheck from Prairie Restorations, and to Darrick Wotachek, Isanti County Water Plan Coordinator/Wetland Specialist for their help in coordinating this project and making sure everything was done correctly.

Special thanks also go out to the Wotachek family, the Mikkonen-Sylvester family, Joe Foerster, the Miller family, Dorris Clark and Fr. Don for their help in planting everything. It will be fun to watch the fruits of our labor grow!

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